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Steph & Aaron's Wedding

Auckland Zoo


From the moment I met Steph and Aaron at their pre-shoot at Cornwall Park I knew their wedding day would be something special, and I hope you'll agree it was.  I feel really happy when couples are keen to have me start the day with their getting ready shots, not only does it help me to get to know the bridal party better but there are so many moments not to be missed that show the anticipation and prepartion that goes into a wedding.  Both Steph and Aaron had an awesome connection with their bridesmaids and groomsmen (who were all hard-case!) that made the getting ready shots even more fun. 

I'm sure it's plain for all to see that Steph looks like a movie star and in that dress, well if I said it was a hard day at work that wouldn't be quite true!  So my first time doing wedding photography at the Auckland venue of The Old Elephant House at the zoo was amazing; thank you and congratulations Monkey and Bunny.

Groom adjusting his cufflinks
The men getting ready
Those tricky cufflinks
The lads getting dressed
Putting on ties
Adjusting the tie
Groom looking in the mirror
Wedding candid moments with groom
The brides ring and earrings
Stunning bride with hair up
Bride looks in mirror
wedding makeup tools
make up being applied to the bride
bride has a glass of champagne
Bride admiring her dress
Bride looks in silver mirror
Admiring the wedding dress
Dress beautifully lit
wedding dress adjustments
bride at the window
beautiful bride sitting down
candid wedding moment with bride
guests mingling at wedding
groom under umbrella
Here comes the bride
bride walking down the aisle
One happy groom
wedding vows being exchanged
Putting on the wedding rings
holding hands
The wedding kiss to seal the deal
Happy couple just married
Happy bride and groom smiling
Mum with son
A meerkat looking on at zoo wedding
bride looking at groom
Bride with groom
Bride by herself
The girls all smiling
The wedding party at the zoo
bride walking away
wedding couple strolling
Groom hugs bride
Bride looks at groom
the bridal party on a bridge
Bridal party under the bridge
Newlyweds holding hands
Wedding couple looking back
Newlyweds holding hands
The bride and groom walking
beautiful light at zoo wedding
A cute moments between the couple
Posing at the zoo
bride groom arrive at the reception
A the bridal table
wedding food photography
Food being delivered
Bride with guests
Auckland wedding at the zoo
candid wedding photograph
cutting the wedding cake
The best man speech
Candid shot of wedding guest
wedding photo of guests
guests at zoo wedding
wedding dance montage
The newlyweds dancing
bride and groom dancing
zoo wedding in Auckland
strike a pose
closeup of bride and groom
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