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Wedding Photography Pricing

Here is what you need to know about my wedding photography packages outlined below:

Pre-Wedding Test Shoot

I believe the pre-wedding test shoot is an essential part of my service. It is a chance for you to get to know me, become comfortable in front of the camera and possibly test out locations for your wedding day. The more at ease you feel with your photographer, the better the results of your wedding photography will be.

Digitally Processed Images

The final set of images is shared with you via online storage (or a memory stick if that works better) and the amounts shown on each package are a minimum number. My promise to you is that I will edit every image with care and a keen eye for detail so that every photo you receive is 'print-ready'. I dedicate my time to getting your photos to you within 4-5 weeks, because let's face it - waiting is no fun!




Pre-wedding test shoot

5 hours of photography on the day

350-450 digitally processed images




Pre-wedding test shoot

7 hours of photography on the day

450-550 digitally processed images





Pre-wedding test shoot

9 hours of photography on the day

550-800 digitally processed images


or $5000 with a second shooter

 for ceremony
and bridal party shots 





If the set packages aren't quite the
right fit I would love to hear from
you about your needs.  I can price accordingly from a four hour
wedding to a two day event.

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