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Karen and Pologa's Wedding

Bracu, Auckland

Karen and Pologa's wedding was such an awesome day that, just quietly between us, I think they could have charged me for witnessing the entertainment. Obviously don't tell them that.  It's no secret that I love a good bridal party and boy did this lot knock it out of the park.  No shrinking violets here.  Pretty sure a few of my shots were blurry from laughing so much.  Of course the stars of the show were the bride and groom.  I'm pretty sure if you googled soul mates you'd see a picture of them.  I could waffle on but honestly the best thing for you to do is to scroll down below and soak up the love, joy and laughter.

Bracu Wedding
Bracu Wedding
Bracu Wedding
The groom
5072 Wedding
Show time for the groom
Wedding at Bracu 1
Wedding at Bracu 2
5075 Wedding
Wedding photographer NZ
5076 Wedding
Bracu Wedding
5078 Wedding
Detail shots
5079 Wedding
5080 Wedding
Wedding photos
5081 Wedding
5083 Wedding
5082 Wedding
The girls get ready
5084 Wedding
5085 Wedding
5086 Wedding
Wedding at Bracu
5088 Wedding
5089 Wedding
Wedding day prep
Getting ready
5091 Wedding
Bracu wedding venue
5092 Wedding
5093 Wedding
5094 Wedding
Wedding at Bracu 3
Wedding at Bracu 4
5097 Wedding
Ceremony time
The ceremony
5280 Wedding
5098 Wedding
The wedding tent
5099 Wedding
5100 Wedding
Ceremony at Bracu
5102 Wedding
Tent Wedding
Wedding in tent
5106 Wedding
5105 Wedding
The first kiss as newlyweds
5108 Wedding
5109 Wedding
Wedding at Bracu 10
The big group shot at Bracu
5110 Wedding
5112 Wedding
5113 Wedding
5114 Wedding
5116 Wedding
5117 Wedding
5118 Wedding
5119 Wedding
The Wedding
5122 Wedding
Bracu Wedding
5123 Wedding
The boys at Bracu
5124 Wedding
5126 Wedding
5127 Wedding
5128 Wedding
5131 Wedding
5132 Wedding
A kiss
5133 Wedding
Sunset shots
5135 Wedding
5136 Wedding
Sunset Wedding photography
5140 Wedding
5142 Wedding
5147 Wedding
Guests at Bracu wedding, Auckland.
5145 Wedding
The entrance
5146 Wedding
Bracu Wedding
The main table
People at wedding
5150 Wedding
5151 Wedding
5152 Wedding
5153 Wedding
5154 Wedding
5155 Wedding
5156 Wedding
5157 Wedding
5158 Wedding
5159 Wedding
5160 Wedding
5161 Wedding
5162 Wedding
5164 Wedding
5163 Wedding
Wedding moments at Bracu
5279 Wedding
5168 Wedding
Dance floor action
Awesome moves
5169 Wedding
5166 Wedding
The dance floor at Bracu
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